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What was the issue

This property was identified on the 2019/20 programme for an upgrade of its heating system. The boilers needed to be replaced, as they were models that have been identified as a breakdown risk, which would require expensive repairs. By replacing the boilers for more fuel-efficient models we were able to save the resident money on their energy bills and ensure a reliable working boiler

The outcomes


An appointment was arranged to carry out a survey of the heating system and an asbestos survey was booked for the same time slot to ensure working areas were safe. The system was checked to identify the tenant had any special needs or requirements that will require the Tenant Liaison Officer to attend.


A detailed survey was carried out by our surveyor to identify which parts of the heating system required upgrading. The tenant was advised what needed doing and how long the job would take. Once approved asbestos survey was received and the tenant was contacted to arrange a convenient appointment to carry out the work.


Operatives completed the install and upgraded as required.


Tenant was left with a new, more fuel-efficient heating system.

Services we employed

Heating & Renewal