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Kitchen and bathroom

Who we helped

Mrs Johns from Hounslow.

Her kitchen needed to be updated as part of the decent homes programme.

What we did?

We removed the old kitchen and replaced it with a new one. This was all turned around in five days.

The outcomes


The exiting kitchen was removed on the Monday morning, with the new worktop, sink units and pipework swiftly installed. By 4pm, on the first day she had a functioning sink - in time for her kids coming home from school. 


On Tuesday the new kitchen was tiled and on Wednesday the new units went in. By Thursday the flooring was down, and all grouting and silicon work was completed.


By midday on Friday, Mrs Johns had a fully functioning kitchen, ready for her to use and in time for the kids arriving home and the weekend


All materials supplies and new kitchen units were delivered directly to site at the point that they were needed ('just in time' delivery). This meant there were no obstacles or obstructions for the team fitting the new kitchen. 

Services we employed

Kitchens & Bathrooms
Painting & Planned Maintenance