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Bedfont lakes

7 December 2020

Bedfont lakes visitor centre has been shut periodically since March in line with Government legislation regarding hospitality venues, most recently due to the lockdown measures that ended last week, when we had hoped to be open for the weekend just passed. However I reversed this decision on Friday following an unexpected communication and decided to keep the centre closed until at least the new year.

The chief veterinary officers for England, Scotland and Wales have brought in new measures to help protect poultry and captive birds following numerous cases of avian influenza in the United Kingdom. As such, It is a legal requirement to keep birds indoors to limit the spread of the disease, meaning they can no longer be on display. As the reptile room and information centre are still closed due to the inability to operate them effectively with social distancing measures, coupled with the new rules on poultry means that the animals available to be seen are limited to the point that its no longer viable to be open. We will review our position in the early new year and make further announcements via social media as and when appropriate.

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