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Let’s end gender-based violence

3 December 2020

Coalo Limited recognise the struggles of victims of domestic violence face and are committed to addressing all forms of gender-based violence, this includes domestic abuse, sexual violence, honour-based violence, forced marriage, trafficking for sexual exploitation, prostitution, stalking and harassment.

We’re all working from home more during the pandemic and whilst staying at home helps stop the spread of coronavirus, home isn’t always a safe place. Domestic abuse incidents increased by 49 per cent during lockdown and the National Domestic Abuse Helpline saw a 700 per cent increase in calls in one day. You may have seen the “Abusers Always Work From Home” campaign launched by the National Centre for Domestic Violence which highlights the impact of lockdown.

We realise that domestic abuse can happen to anyone regardless of race, disability, sex, sexual orientation, age, gender identity, religion or belief or social class. One in four women and one in six men will experience domestic abuse in their lifetimes, as an employer of 405 people we know some of our colleagues may be experiencing domestic abuse and we are here to support our employees.

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