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Facilities Management

Coalo holds facilities management contracts for various corporate properties, including libraries and park buildings.

These contracts cover repairs and maintenance and compliance services.

We deliver all the facilities management for the London Borough of Hounslow – a contract we have had since April 2018.

It includes Hounslow Civic Centre as well as 14 other council buildings, from libraries and offices to depots. The contract covers delivery, organisation and record keeping around:

  • Health and safety checks (including organising remedial action where necessary)
  • Fire alarm testing
  • Emergency light testing
  • HV checks
  • Water checks
  • Lightening conductor checks
  • Building Management Systems
  • Legionella checks
  • Servicing and repair of plant and equipment including boilers, aircon, lifts,
  • Contractor oversight and management
  • Security
  • Space management
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Project management
  • Contractor evaluation, engagement and management
  • Maintaining the asbestos register
  • Coordinating insurance inspections
Facilities Management

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Facilities Management

Decommissioning of Hounslow Council's Civic Centre after relocating staff to new premises.

Facilities Management