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Tree Services

Using fully qualified tree surgeons, at Greenspace provide a full range of pruning operations including crown lifting, crown thinning, crown reduction, dangerous branch removal, felling sectioned dismantling, stump grinding, stump treatment and grubbing out.

Our expert teams carry out annual tree surveys on open spaces across the community and the commercial sector, producing reports with recommendations for remedial work set out in order of priority. At Greenspace, we offer a range of sustainable services such as:

Tree and shrub planting

Greenspace team are experienced in selecting the most appropriate plant species and locations to suit every customer requirements. Whether you’re planting trees for their aesthetic value, to provide shade or even reduce the risk of flooding, we can provide the ideal solution.

Tree planting and aftercare and tree relocation

Our technicians are trained, qualified experts in commercial tree planting and aftercare. We specialise in effective methods of relocating trees in respect of approval from local authorities.

Cable bracing – dynamic and static

Greenspace use an array of materials to carry out the bracing work using non-invasive methods as much as possible. We perform a thorough survey and risk assessment before any potential bracing work is conducted.

Site clearance and forestry

Greenspace boast a team of highly professional, fully qualified foresters experienced in a wide range of forestry and site clearing services. In addition to our workforce, we are aided by all types of machinery from extraction units to crane trailers, stump grinders and tractor mounted shredders.

Greenspace offer 24/7 Emergency response 365 days a year. Our specialist team also offer variety of management services such as:

  • Young tree maintenance
  • Veteran tree management
  • Woodland management
  • OPM management

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Tree Services

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