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Weed Management

Greenspace offer a range of Weed Management services

Invasive Species

A huge number of non-native plants have been introduced to the UK over the years and, whilst many of these have enhanced our habitat, some have a negative impact on the natural and built environment


The presence of weeds on industrial developments causes a number of concerns, such as fire hazards in non-vegetated areas, competition with desirable plant species, spread to adjacent land which may be cultivated land causing issues, we are able to combat these invasive species and keep industrial sites clear and pleasant.

Fine Turf

Weeds show up horribly in fine lawns. A careful maintenance regime that keeps the plants well fed and the sward thick will help to prevent weeds germinating in the first place. Weed management supply and/or apply various selective herbicides throughout the growth season, in order to control all types of troublesome broadleaved weeds. These can be on sites such as sports pitches, golf courses and amenity lawns.

Moss and Algae

Many hard surfaces can attract moss, algae and moulds. These can be found in areas which are deprived from sunlight or are overly damp. If these areas aren't controlled, they may become unsightly and dangerous to people on site.  Moss can create a safety hazard, making surfaces slippery and dangerous for people on fire exit paths or when playing sports.

The products which target moss usually demand high volumes of water and weed management has the right vehicles and machinery to ensure a great result is achieved.

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Weed Management

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