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Business Growth

While focussed on delivery of our core Council contracts, driving ongoing improvements, demonstrating value for money and improving outcomes for local communities we are also committed to further business growth, both providing more and enhanced services to the Council and to other organisations and individuals.

As companies wholly owned by the Council, as we grow our external trading activities any profits we make will be reinvested into our services or returned as a dividend to the Council as sole shareholder. Our comprehensive business plans include a range of plans for growth, from bidding for major contracts supplying services to, or in partnership with, other local authorities to developing new activities or making the most of the vast experience, knowledge and skills of our talented employees by delivering more to a wider customer base and providing advice to others in need of support.

But its not just about financial profit - from senior executives to frontline operatives, we are all committed to addressing the challenges of environmental, financial and social sustainability on behalf of the communities and businesses we serve. From 2021 we will measure our social and environmental impacts, demonstrating how we have a positive impact on local communities but with a global reach. We will report on these activities, and highlight their contribution to the local and regional agenda, as well as the UN's global Sustainable Development Goals.

Business Growth

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