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Our Materials Handling Facility (MHF) is one of the most technologically advanced in the UK with respect to fire prevention. With a fire in a UK waste transfer station nearly every day, we have all seen news articles showing the huge clouds of smoke and environmental damage such fires can cause. To mitigate that risk our site has over two million litres of waste ready to be pumped from our comprehensive sprinkler and deluge systems and various procedures to ensure a fire doesn't start in the first place.

The site currently accepts recycling materials from Hounslow's residents and HWRC, which we sort and process into some of the highest quality post-domestic recyclate in the country. With a focus on delivering at a high quality, our materials can command the highest prices on the market and our partner broker, Plan B Management Solutions, continue to exeed national price indices week in, week out.

During the pandemic we've seen a near 20% increase in throughout and we're working on plans to increase that further, both by collecting more from the region and offering space to third party suppliers.

We are especially interested in securing regular shipments of mixed plastic bottles and cans for sorting on site, if you are in the industry and can supply this mixed stream please get in touch.

Environmental Permit Number: EPR/FB3200KD


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