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Recycling & Refuse

Our comprehensive waste and recycling collections currently cover the Hounslow area, collecting from the borough's 110,000 homes. Through the Council we offer a range of services designed to suit different geographies, with 'kerbside' homes receiving alternate weekly refuse collections and weekly segregated recycling collections including food waste, WEEE, paper, card, glass, cans, plastic and textiles, as well as a subscription only garden waste service. Most other homes receive communal collections of refuse and segregated recycling and we'll be proactively rolling out communal food collections to these properties during 2021-22. Information for Hounslow residents on these services can be found here

We will also be introducing business waste and recycling collections this year

Operating since 2016 we have improved our service performance year on year, with successful first time collections typically at 99.8% and extremely low complaint levels.

With the support of the Council we committed to keep all our services running during the pandemic and have successfully absorbed a step change increase in waste arisings while continuing to improve performance. We've almost doubled our bulky waste collections and have met an increased demand for new containers as well as improved the quality of collections.

The collections are designed to maximise diversion from landfill and incineration to reuse, recycling and composting and we work closely with the Council to encourage service users to make the most of the collections on offer: We can only succeed in meeting challenging recycling targets if everyone does their bit! Not only is recycling and composting better for the environment, but it creates jobs, reduces disposal cost and reduces dependency on virgin materials, encouraging the growth of a circular economy.

For more information on rubbish collections, reporting a missing bin or to request a replacement container please visit

Recycling & Refuse

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