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With a fleet of 50 HGVs worth over £7M and over 300 smaller vehicles, as well as heavy plant at our waste sites and various horticultural machines in every day use, Lampton Community Services works in partnership with the Council's Vehicle Fleet Management team to maintain the highest standards of vehicle maintenance, reliability and driver competence.

Our waste and recycling fleet is all Euro VI compliant, and with fleet replacement expected in 2024-25 we are actively considering the move to the best alternative fuel option while watching the industry carefully for lessons learned. We also hope to soon transition to a 100% biofuel replacement in the mean time to reduce our CO2 footprint over the intervening years.

The same is true for our other vans which are due for replacement now, but we can't just replace all with electric as the technology for many specialist vehicles has not yet been proved and getting it wrong could be very costly indeed.


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